Using Metascan™


Getting Started

  • Power on laptop (plug power cord into wall if battery needs charging).
  • Plug the USB cable from laptop into the Metascan mat. Your mat should have a green and red light at this point.
  • Double-click on the Footmaxx icon (footmaxx5v).
  • Click on "Patient File Manager."
  • Use the drop-down menus at top of screen to choose the correct clinic and practitioner.
  • Click on "Add Patient."
  • Type in all required patient information:
    • Name
    • Birth Year
    • Gender
    • Height/Weight
    • Foot Size
    • Foot Width
    • Activity Level
    • Address Information (Note: For time purposes, you can put an "*" in all fields and tab through; this area is not necessary unless you want it for your records or a patient reorder program. Orthotics will be shipped to your office.)
  • Click on "Save and Close." (Note: Do not click "Save Patient.")
  • Select "Accept Diagnosis Values as Patient's Values" and click "Ok."

    Screening a Patient

    • Double-click on the patient name to open their file.
    • Click on "Add Scan" at the top left of the screen.
    • Choose a scan type: dynamic, static or postural, and click "Ok." Orthotics are created from the dynamic scan.
    • Select "Scan."
      • Mat will initialize and give you appropriate directions.
      • Once the patient walks across the mat, it will beep; this sound indicates that the mat is ready for the patient's opposite foot.
      • Repeat three times; the mat requires three steps from the right foot and three from the left.
    • Click "Save Scan."
    • Click the "Add Order" icon at the top left of the screen.
    • Choose "Yes" when prompted to save the patient.
    • Click on "Save and Close." (Note: Do not click "Save Patient.")


    Creating an Order

    • "New Custom Orthotic Order" should be selected. Click on "Create New Custom Orthotic Order." (Note: If a Gait Analysis Report is needed, you will have to generate a "gait analysis" in the order screen on the bottom left. Click on "Gait Analysis Report.")
    • Use the plus (+) signs to open template groups, and then double-click on appropriate orthotic template.
    • Use the "Add/Remove" feature to select accommodations for your prescribed orthotic.
      • All sections (i.e. module, top cover, etc.) are set up as drop-down menus. If you need to alter something, use the appropriate drop-down menu for each section within the specific orthotic template.
      • Important: In the "module" section of the orthotic template, use the drop down menu to change the heel cup. Standard heel cup is 12mm and deep heel cup is 15mm. You can also change the rigidity of the heel cup if necessary or leave it as the default. No heel cup is added to the orthotic unless specified. The orthotic also is made with default rigidity.
      • If you require any specific instructions on your orthotic, or if you would like clinical services to call you directly before the orthotic is sent to production, please type your specific requirements under the "Notes" tab located at the top of the screen.
    • Click "Save and Close."


    Sending an Order

    • Click "Back."
    • Click "Send Orders" and then highlight the order(s) you want to send. Click "Add." The orders will be added to the box below - indicating they are ready to be sent.
    • Minimize software. Make sure you have internet access.
    • Double-click "Footmaxx Secure Connect" icon on the desktop; click "Connect." Wait 15 seconds. If no errors occur, proceed.
    • Maximize Footmaxx software and select "Send Orders." It is the first option in the list on the left side of the screen. It will take approximately 1-5 minutes to send orders.
    • Press exit at the top of the transmission window when it prompts you.
    • Click "Close" on left side of the screen.
    • Go back to patient file manager. Click on patient's name, and check the order status in the bottom window. Icon should be green and status should say "Sent Confirmed."
    • Finished! Orthotics should arrive in less than 2 business weeks!

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