Dynamic Gait and Pressure Analysis Report

The Footmaxx system provides a dynamic, weight-bearing biomechanical patient assessment and enables digital patient data to be transmitted via modem to the Footmaxx laboratory where it is analyzed by the proprietary diagnostic software, Metascan™. Metascan generates a Dynamic Gait and Pressure Analysis Report containing 2D and 3D color images of the patient’s footstep, data on kinetic pressure patterns during the stance phase of gait, and a conclusion describing any biomechanical abnormality detected as compared to normal gait values. If an aberrant biomechanical pattern is detected, Metascan also specifies the prescription for custom foot orthotics.

Sample Report

The eight key foot landmarks (lateral heel, medial heel, five metatarsal heads and the hallux) are accurately isolated and tracked throughout the stance phase of gait. The gait and pressure analysis report is useful as a permanent chart record and can be submitted to insurance and managed care companies to facilitate pre-determination requirements. Metascan now makes a scientific, accurate, biomechanical patient assessment affordable using the Footmaxx System in your office.







Metascan™ Measures Dynamic Gait and Pressure
The Metascan 8-point graph (below) shows pressure amplitude in the vertical axis and time in the horizontal axis. This graph of pressure over time enables the clinician to clearly see the increase and decrease of the vertical load forces in the critical segments of the foot (lateral heel, medial heel, five metatarsal heads and the hallux). Tracking dynamic plantar pressure allows the clinician to determine how these segments of the foot are functioning in the contact, midstance and propulsive sub-phases of the stance phase of gait. This information is invaluable for understanding the biomechanics of the foot and ankle, musculoskeletal disorder, and the prevention and treatment of plantar ulcers in the diabetic foot.

8 Points

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